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The immediacy and intimacy of live broadcasting can be extremely powerful for politicians, musicians, and journalists to speak directly to you from around the world.But it could also be jarringly powerful for, say, a terrorist organization live broadcasting a beheading or a small porn business live streaming sex.

The company understands that and says it’ll be largely up to people like you to report them to a global review team to stop them from spreading.As live streaming on Facebook becomes more popular, whether that approach will work—and how Facebook will ultimately adjudicate what we can share —remains to be seen.Facebook and other social media companies have long grappled with how to monitor your activity on their platforms.So, if someone wants to see or show pretty much anything, you can bet it's happening somewhere online.That’s why it can be somewhat perplexing when social media companies like Facebook pretend that their island of the internet is a totally under-control, family-friendly space.

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"They rely on the labor of people given freely to police content," says Sarah T.

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