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Ann Preston She continued working for the next 15 years as a Dental Assistant and an OSHA Compliance Manager.

Ann then received an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene at Fox Valley Technical College.

I was the only one to notice his bluff, and his face dropped when I called him. I’m OK with that…I’ve been nominated for a 25 best Single Parent Blogger thingie and I would really like it of you would vote for me.

He flipped over a lame mid pair or some other extremely mediocre hand. The pic at the top is two of my fav pro poker shit talkers, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow (L) and Phil “I’m a huge douche nozzle” Hellmuth (R).

My stash of just over 100,000 play chips has dwindled down to around 80,000. Everyone has a finite amount of chips and I can’t get beat by some guy (or lady) who keeps going back to their account to get more chips. He was on the other team, so he punched me in the mouth. Whether online or in person, I like to chirp a bit as I play. I’d rather laugh and have a good time playing, than sit at my Macbook talking to my dog. I was playing in a live tournament and some guy kept asking if I had a boyfriend. If I were him, I would have gone in a totally different direction.

On the flip side, I can’t drain my account chasing, “that monster hand.” that we all know is never coming. Back to that I was impressed with his big cans and that I couldn’t see the adams apple in the avi. Usually just random stuff until I figure out a way to get them off their game. He also told me (repeatedly) how sexy my mouth looked and he asked me to stand up so he could look at my ass. Two days before the tournament, I took a hockey puck in the mouth and it knocked out two teeth.

The big guy said he tried to life 50 pounds and he couldn’t do it.

Ann and her husband are also busy raising their four children.We laughed at each other and at our fellow players at the table and we each walked away with around 0, plus the boss comped us some steak and eggs at 1 AM when we got up from the table. I think my favorite moment playing poker was playing in that tournament I mentioned.I was involved in a hand and I don’t remember exactly what I had, but it was damn good. Ethan and I played in the media charity event and after we were both knocked out, we headed to the strip to get away from the tourney and play some cards. In the wrong hands, it can turn real ugly, real fast.Somehow we ended up at the Luxor and I’m not sure I’ve had a more fun night of poker than I did that night. Used properly, however, it can make for a very good time.

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Aside from her career, April practices yoga and is very committed to her daily fitness classes.

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