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They don't work well for mobile, and "trailered" vehicles, e.g. Stamped stainless stuff should be much better, and last longer than the edgewounds.

The only disadvantage, if you can call it that, is that the box is approx 3-4 inches taller than the OEM.

The Copy Chrome process is ideal for all your small items such as door handles, brackets, hinges, nuts & bolts, stamped steel covers, etc.

It can be applied to:- steel, copper, brass, bronze, old nickel plate, and with the aid of Zincate Primer, aluminum. I started with Eagle 1 chrome wheel cleaner, sprayed it on, let it sit for a minute, and hosed it off using a mop. It is an acid based cleaner, but rhodium is virtually impervious to any reasonable chemical attack.

Try it and see regardless of what they say there IS a chrome spray that can be topcoated and doesnt look like simple spray paint when finished and its called Mirra Chrome.

Copy Chrome is a SIMPLE plating kit that provides almost all the benefits of chromium plate - without all the hassle!

The entire plating process takes the same time as our regular nickel plating kit, 15 minutes for indoors decorative, 30 minutes for tools, 1 hour for tough outside jobs!

Learn more about how carbons were made at their plant in the small town of Fostoria Ohio click This company below will repair, and rewind burn't out control box motors.

I sent one in that had to be rewound, and had bad bearings.

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has gone to great expense to have NEW negative clutch drive gears made. Each unit comes in a kit form with new screws and drift pins. I rebuilt a 1942 GE lamp which got me started making parts. I do cut gears and will eventually get to doing them for the lamps.