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There's this perception that we're supposed to have it all figured out, and be on this certain path, and be really confident in that.But I wanted to look at what happens when you have this quarter-life crisis, and realize that there's incredible newness and truth in you that you're just discovering.Business Insider spoke to the creator of "Strangers," Mia Lidofsky, to learn what inspired her to make the series, and what her hopes for the Watch platform are.This is what Lidofsky had to say about her new series "Strangers": Amanda Henning Santiago: I know "Strangers" is based on some of your own experiences. Mia Lidofsky: I decided to put my apartment up on Air Bnb and move out west.

You know I think that Facebook in many ways is a home that I never would have anticipated, or thought about, but in many ways it feels totally perfect, and the right home for "Strangers." In the sense that in the best ways this platform is another sort of sharing economy.And how it just brings this ability to bring different people into your life.It became this really powerful idea for a storytelling vehicle to bring all different kinds of people in and out of a protagonist's life.I knew I wanted to tell a story about a bisexual woman.I knew I wanted her to be going through a life crisis about her sexual identity, and where she was in her career, and just sort of explore this life on the cusp of 30.

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So far, Facebook's new video platform Watch is full of mostly forgettable, mediocre content, but the platform is also home to one of best scripted series out now: Refinery29's "Strangers." "Strangers" follows a freshly single Isobel (Zoe Chao) as she explores her newly discovered sexuality, while Airbnbing her spare room in order to make ends meet.

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